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Your child is unique. Their path to college acceptance should be too.

At NJ Test Prep, we provide personalized and data-driven test preparation to help your student build confidence and achieve better results on their college entrance exams.

Helping Students Learn and Prepare Their Way

We understand that not all children learn and retain information in the same way. So why should they take a generic approach to test-taking?
At NJ Test Prep, we work with students to create their custom learning plan to help them study better and test with confidence. By getting to know your student—their aspirations, strengths, and struggles—we’re able to curate a program that fits their unique way of learning.
Helping Students
SAT/DSAT Test Prep
Helping Students
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Test Prep Courses
Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Get individualized support with private tutoring

for test preparation, including multiple tests and
Increase test scores by 200+ points
with personalized support, test prep, and
study materials.

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Find support for all common college entrance exams, including
AP subject tests, ACT, DSAT, and HSPT. Learn studying and testing strategies from experienced tutors.

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Why NJ Test Prep

Why NJ Test Prep?

When students complete our program, they are left feeling confident, in control, and have a clear agenda for their test.
This leads to better test scores, increasing their options
when it comes to college admissions.
We’re happy to offer support to our community through compassionate and specialized tutoring services. Better education benefits us all

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