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New Jersey Test Prep offers both private (1:1) tutoring and small group (4 students) tutoring for high school students looking to prepare for their college entrance exams. Get personalized test prep strategies and support from our highly-trained tutors.


Private Tutoring

Get hands-on support from a private tutor with our 1:1 tutoring services. We help equip New Jersey high school students with better test-taking skills, confidence, and mental stamina to achieve better results on AP tests, the SAT, the ACT, and more. Your student will be matched with one of our qualified tutors depending on subject matter, character fit, and availability.

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Small Group Tutoring

We also offer small group tutoring for groups of 4 students. This is a cost-saving option for parents that want their student to learn in a tight-knit, supportive group environment. New small groups can be formed with a students’ friends or peers.

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Subject Tutoring

Our tutoring services aren’t limited to SAT, ACT, or AP test preparation. We also provide specialized tutoring for high school subjects, including Algebra, English, History, Chemistry, and more. We will match your student with one of our qualified tutors to support them on their chosen subject or a range of subjects.

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Why NJ Test Prep

Why NJ Test Prep?

Many high school students take to studying for the ACT or SAT on their own, just to realize that mastering college entrance exams is more complicated than they realized.

This is because these exams are not just about knowledge, but strategy. Mental stamina, pacing, time management, and answer selection skills are all needed in order to achieve high scores on college entrance exams.

That’s why we offer private and small group tutoring that’s designed to help students take a well-rounded, data-driven approach to their tests.

In fact, tutoring presents a multitude of benefits for high school students preparing for their college entrance exams:

Improved test scores:

Tutoring can help students improve standardized test scores by offering personalized attention and tailored instruction. This direct approach allows tutors to address specific weaknesses and optimize students’ test-taking strategies​​.

Enhanced academic performance:

Academic tutoring goes beyond what is taught in school, offering additional support that helps students excel in exams. It complements the regular school curriculum and provides an avenue for students to delve deeper into subject matters, reinforcing their knowledge and understanding​​.

Reduced anxiety and enhanced confidence:

Tutoring can significantly reduce test anxiety, which is a major barrier to performance. By fostering a deeper understanding of the material and practicing test-taking strategies, students become more confident. This confidence translates into the ability to recall information quickly and perform better under the stress of an exam​​.

Improved attitude towards learning:

Working with a tutor can make learning more enjoyable and engaging for students. This positive shift in attitude can lead to better grades and a more profound comprehension of subjects, as the tutoring experience is tailored to make learning fun and interesting​​.

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